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Coming events

21/4 - 25/6 - Vinn signerad bok


We are the small culture company with the grand visions...

At Bandwire Event we burn for culture in general and food and music in particular. When it comes to music it is above all rock and metal that is close to our hearts, it's also with all the genres of rock we work...

We want to contribute to keep the rock scene alive locally as well as nationally (and internationally). At home we arrange different kinds of events together with many different partners, on national (and international) level we represent some of the best rock bands in the country as managers (management is currently on hold).

In literary form we also work to promote rock music and then we like to reach outside the usual audience so those who haven't yet discovered this music will have a chance to get to know these artists and get a look inside our beloved world of rock.

The literary part of our work also take us into the world of food culture through our cookbook publishing house, a world that can appear as mystical as well for many. Here we want to contribute as well to spread knowledge and joy.

In the world of blogs we make an impression as well, we write about both food and music. Our largest blog is ranked among the Top 200 in Sweden and through it we have the possibility to spread the joy of music and food to a large number of people.

We invite you each and all to browse our pages to discover all we have to offer, it's quite a lot and here there is something for everyone.