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The Blog World

An important part of the company is our blogs, they fill a central function for both marketing and information. We currently have three active blogs (in Swedish).

Den Rockande Kocken (The Rocking Chef) is our first and largest blog where we write primarily about food and rock music, but we also give you videos, concert photos, reviews of records and books and much more.

Our second blog is Metal Photo where everything evolves around pictures (photographs), it can be anything from beautiful nature pictures to concert photos and food.

In cooperation with MetalCentral we recently opened a little side blog to The Rocking Chef that has been given the name Metal Munching. The focus here is off course rock music and food.

To make it easierr for you to follow all our blogs, current and future, in one place we have created the Facebook group The Rocking Blog Assembly and all you have to do to get notifications about new posts is to click the Like button.

We work intesnively with different social media channels in our marketing and as part of this we also utilize Facebook groups aimed at blogs where you can freely market your posts/blogs, this is called pinging. To further enhance the reach we own and operate several such groups. These are realtively new and haven't yet had the time to grow in size (left column)

During the work with marketing through Facebook groups we have also come across some groups that are without administrators and therefore are "orphaned". We have adopted those who have potential and added them to our own groups. (right column)

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